RSOS issues

See logging planned for East Gippsland over next 12 months using Google Earth.

Logging within National RSOS breaks the governments own rules.

RSOS Technical Reports not completed

Need for independent assessment of RSOS management in Victoria.

East Gippsland
Rainforest Sites of Significance (RSOS)

Of the 124 Rainforest Sites of Significance (RSOS) in East Gippsland, only a third of these sites are protected within dedicated conservation reserves. The rest of these sites are either fully or partially within State Forest and threatened by current clearfell logging practices. (Note: RSOS that are wholly within dedicated reserves such as National Parks have not been the focus of this study as they are assumed to be protected from the threat of clearfell logging.)

For more information about the threats to RSOS see issues listed on the left of this webpage.

The map and list below is connected to a database that provides a profile of all RSOS that are partially or totally within State Forest in East Gippsland (numbered sites).

RSOS are colour coded as National, State and Regional.

Download East Gippsland RSOS overlay


Click on map or list (below) to get a profile for each threatened RSOS.


113 114 110 109 107 99 105 104 96 103 87 88 62 100 101 102 63 49 51 38 42 43 37 54 39 35 32 15 30 31 71 70 64 65 89 29 28 53 57 36 52 69 44 55 72 68 67 56 66 74 75 76 77 81 45 59 79 85 58 98 90 88 83 82 91 84 78 94 80 73
SiteRSOS NameRankingLogging
15Ah Chow Creek. Timbara Gorge  State   
28Mt Dawson - Plum Gully  State   
29Murrindal  Regional   
30Mt Statham  Regional   
31Mellick Munjie-Eaglehawke Ck(Tambo)  Regional   
32Mt McLeod  Regional   
35Tara Range  Regional   
36Wombat Creek/Mottle Range  Regional   
37Tucker Box Track  Regional   
38Lower Snowy  National   
39Rocky Creek  Regional   
42Mt Buck  State   
43Silvertop Hill  Regional   
44Yalmy Sidecut**  Regional   
45Little Yalmy River  Regional   
49Cabbage Tree Creek  State   
50Dryers Creek  Regional   
51Brobribb River  National   
52Murrungowar  Regional   
53Rich River Headwater  Regional   
54Mt Pinnak  Regional   
55Sardine- Paridise Ridge  Regional   
56Riddle Creek  Regional   
57Martins Creek  National   
58Big River***  State   
59Mt Jersey  State   
60Ellery Creek (This one now safe)  Regional   
62Lower Bemm  State   
63Bemm River  National   
64Mt Billy, McKenzie River  Regional   
65Pheasant Creek  Regional   
66Mt Puggaree  Regional   
67Goolengook River (VEAC)  Regional   
68Little Arte River  Regional   
69Arte River Falls  Regional   
70Glen Arte  State   
71Mt Tanglefoot  Regional   
72Little Goolengook (VEAC)  National   
73Upper Goolengook (VEAC)  State   
74Suzuki (Blackwatch Track)  Regional   
75St Johns Creek  Regional   
76Kanuka Creek  State   
77West Errinundra River  State   
78Cobb Hill  National   
79Sassafrass Basin  State   
80Goonmirk Rocks  National   
81East Errinundra  National  

Threat of imminent logging

82Combienbar River  Regional   
83Bungywarr Ck  State   
84Clays Cresent  Regional   
85Hensleigh/Quadra  State   
86Three Sisters  State   
87Serpentine Ck  State   
88Sydd Ck  Regional   
89Pyramid Hill  Regional   
90Pyramid Ck-Tongi Swamp CK  Regional   
91Upper Tonghi (Tonghi Jungle - Walderon Mts)  State   
92Cann River Flats (Private land)  Regional   
93Cann River Flats (Private land)  Regional   
94Jim Walker CK  Regional   
95Cann River Flats (Private land)  Regional   
96Log Bridge Ck  Regional   
97Cann River Flats (Private land)  Regional   
98Kate Ck - Cann Mt  Regional   
99Lomond Hill  Regional   
100Thurra Crossing on HWY  Regional   
101Brown Ck Future trail  Regional   
102Brown Ck Thurra River Rd  Regional   
103Mt Future (Peel Upgrade)  State   
104Black Snake Ck  Regional   
105East Thurra  Regional   
107Mt Drummer  National   
109Scrubby ck  Regional   
110Upper Wingan  Regional   
113Royd Ck  State   
114Genoa  National