East Errinundra (Site 81)
National Rainforest Site of Significance

General Description

This East Errinundra RSOS contains undisturbed Old Growth Wet Forest, Mixed Forest and the largest stand of Cool Temperate Rainforest in Victoria(230 ha) which is located within the Errinundra National Park. The area within the East Errinundra River- Rainforest Site Of National Significance contains stands of the exceptionally rare 'mixed forest' which have been heavily depleted since clearfell logging commenced in 1967.

The Stagg Creek section(northern part) of this site is not within the Errinundra National Park.

There has been numerous community protests over logging in the East Errinundra RSOS.

Proposed Code Review subcatchment buffer area

This DSE draft internal working map was provided to VRN to show the approximate sub-catchment buffer area (in purple) that will become unavailable to logging once adopted into the new revised 2006 Code.

Note: only core areas N1 and N2 (as determined by DSE ) are shown on this map and do not necessarily represent the total area covered by the East Errinundra RSOS.

Logging within proposed subcatchment area

The 2004 Timber Release Plan(TRP) has one 36 ha coupe being
07-892-522-0009 proposed for logging within the proposed sub-catchment buffer area. It is expected this coupe will be deleted from the TRP.

Another 20 ha coupe, 07-892-522-0006 is not covered by the proposed sub-catchment protection but is still inside the East Errinundra RSOS.

As recently as 2005, two coupes were logged within the proposed purple subcatchment buffer area being coupes 07-892-522-0011 & 07-892-522-0013 totaling about 40ha. See details on outside website.

Logging Dingo Creek case study

In 2001, an area known as Dingo Creek was clearfell logged within the East Errinundra RSOS. See details on outside website.

The above photo shows mature Cool Temperate Rainforest on the eastern boundary of the Dingo Creek coupe following clearfell logging and high intensity burning. The fire damaged sassafras trees pictured above are estimated to be 400+ years old.

Supreme Court, July 2005

The supreme court found logging in 2001 conducted at a place known as Dingo Creek was illegal because it was in breach of the requirements of Section 2.3.7 of the 1996 Code of Forest Practices.

See Supreme Court judgment Hastings v Brennan & Anor; Tantram v Courtney & Anor (No. 3) [2005] VSC 228 (28 June 2005) at:

Dingo Creek interactive photo map of logging

On 2001, logging occurred within the East Errinundra River- Rainforest Site Of National Significance at a site known as Dingo Creek.

Click on red dots to see photo of location


Photo file

Dingo Creek falls

Aerial Photo of East Errinundra River- Rainforest Site Of National Significance before logging commenced in 2001