Martins Ck (Site 57)
National Rainforest Site of Significance

General Description

Martins Creek RSOS contains the best example of warm temperate rainforest in East Gippsland foothills. Many well developed & numerous small stands on alluvial terraces with large vines and tree ferns.

Most of the RSOS is within Martins Creek Flora and Fauna reserve, however significant part of northern section is in State Forest.

This is an easy site to get to as the Bonang Highway goes right through it. Pictures below were taken from this road.

Proposed Code Review subcatchment buffer area

This DSE draft internal working map was provided to VRN to show the approximate sub-catchment buffer area in purple.

Note: only core areas N1 (as determined by DSE ) are shown on this map and do not necessarily represent the total area covered by the Martins Creek RSOS.



Martins Creek Rainforest Photo's

Warm Temperate Rainforest in foreground, with eucalypt forest in the background

This photo above and below shows the contrast between warm temperate rainforest growing along Martins creek against the typical eucalypt forest growing in the background.